Our Team

Western Canada

Vancouver Office

David Main

Vice President and Project Director

David has participated in AECOM`s benchmarking practices for over 20 years, and since 2000, he has directed AECOM’s benchmarking activities as well as other Asset Management functions within AECOM’s Burnaby, BC office. With 30 years of business and technical experience, David has specialized in assisting both public and private utilities throughout North America to improve productivity and performance through better business planning and management processes.

David has been involved in a wide variety of strategic management projects including:

  • performance management systems, best practice design and implementation;
    design of strategic planning models;
  • design of strategic information plans; capital asset management planning systems;
  • the development of cost allocation and utility pricing strategies to insure sustainability and equity.
aecom david main

Nancy Hill

Project Manager, Climate Change and Stormwater Specialist

Nancy Hill has been involved in the NWWBI since 2005, and has been the lead facilitator for the Stormwater Task Force since its inception in 2008. Ms. Hill combines a strong technical background with project management skills to lead projects from planning to implementation for municipalities, regional and federal governmental agencies and large multinational companies. She has over 20 years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams in the areas of asset management, stormwater, wastewater, water, transportation, climate change, greenways, information technology and urban design. Within these areas, Ms. Hill has been involved in strategic planning, development of policies, procedures and regulations, project management, organizational management, public consultation, financing, design, and construction

aecom nancy hill

Chris Lombard

Asset Management Leader

Chris is an Asset Management Leader with AECOM’s Burnaby office, specializing in the financial and operational sustainability of infrastructure assets. He has successfully directed large and multi- disciplinary asset management assignments for clients at the national, provincial and municipal government level, plus donor-funding agencies. Having worked on a diverse range of asset management projects for clients in Canada, the US, Europe and Africa, he has experience covering major asset types such as health care, highways, bridges, dams, municipal, transit, ports and facilities. Chris has participated in the NWWBI since 2001 and lead the development of the Benchmarking model for Canadian water utilities.

Aecom chris lombard

Alexander Kolesov

Senior Asset Management Consultant

Alexander Kolesov is an asset management, energy efficiency and climate change consultant with extensive experience in conducting analysis and applied research. He developed many of the original benchmarking performance reports, graphs and dashboards.

In addition, Alexander specializes in the analysis and modeling of water, sewer, drainage, transportation, transit and other municipal infrastructure capital needs. He has successfully developed criticality assessment models and dynamic asset inventories to simulate asset condition depreciation, anticipate future capital spending patterns and estimate funding gaps. These analytical tools have been used by AECOM’s clients to support decision making as well as to educate the public on the issues of levels of service and insufficient infrastructure funding. Alexander is based in AECOM’s Vancouver office.

aecom alex kolesov

Evelyn Gao

Data Analyst

Evelyn Gao is a data analyst with experience in simulating and optimizing the performance of infrastructure systems. She has lead research and consulting projects, working with both public and private sectors to facilitate their data collection process and suggest solutions for continuous improvement.

aecom evelyn gao

Emily Mills

Process Engineer-In-Training

Emily Mills is a process EIT at AECOMs Burnaby office. She is currently assisting in several municipal wastewater treatment projects in the lower mainland area. Emily is involved in the benchmarking team as a data collector and client liaison for several British Columbian municipalities.

aecom emily mills

Laura Locke

Process Engineer, Water

Laura is a process engineer in the Burnaby office with nine years of experience in wastewater, biogas and odour control systems. She has worked on assignments involving feasibility and planning, design, construction, and contract administration of wastewater treatment facilities, energy systems, pump station upgrades, biogas upgrading systems, odour control, and solids handling projects. Her past experience includes a 3-year term in Melbourne, Australia as a planning engineer for a water utility company providing sewerage services to 1.7 million people. Laura is currently involved in various wastewater treatment plant expansion, renewable energy, odour control, biogas, and solids handling projects in the Metro Vancouver area.

aecom laura locke

Neil Snowball

Manager, Roads and Traffic

Mr. Snowball has over eighteen years of experience in civil, highways and traffic engineering design. His experience includes detailed designs for busy urban intersections, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, public transportation infrastructure, and major highways projects both in BC and Europe. He has also undertaken preliminary design and assessment of a variety of infrastructure projects, public transit systems and highways projects including container terminals, port access road corridors, bus rapid transit corridors and bus based park and ride sites. Neil also has extensive experience providing temporary/construction traffic management planning and design for projects ranging from roads, bridge structures, utility construction works, light rail construction, tunnel construction works, and bridge inspection works for local municipalities. Neil leads AECOM’s Road and Traffic group in BC; a team of engineers and technologists, delivering a wide range of project types and sizes for both federal and provincial government, municipal and private clients.

Aecom - Neil Snowball

Kelowna Office

Jason Foster

Project Engineer

Mr. Foster is an engineer in the Water business line in the Kelowna office with experience in municipal water and wastewater infrastructure. He is involved in water treatment, water distribution, and wastewater and stormwater systems projects.

aecom jason foster

Donovan Klassen

Civil Engineer-In-Training

Donovan Klassen is an EIT in the Kelowna office with experience in municipal water and wastewater infrastructure. He has experience in civil construction inspection, hydraulic modeling for water and wastewater systems, CCDC and MMCD contract preparation and administration, testing of concrete and soil densities.

aecom donovan klassen

Calgary Office

Laura Boone

Water / Wastewater Engineer

Laura Boone is a Water/Wastewater Engineer and Project Manager in AECOM’s Calgary, Alberta Office. Laura has been involved in the National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative for over 12 years, primarily working with clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Outside of NWWBI, Laura is involved in the design and contract administration of various water and wastewater facilities.

aecom laura boone

Laura Hanna

Civil Engineer-In-Training

Laura Hanna is a Civil Engineer-in-Training in AECOM’s Calgary office. She has experience working on land development, wastewater and stormwater projects completing site inspections/contract administration. She is involved in the National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative, assisting with data collection and acting as a client liaison for various Alberta and Saskatchewan municipalities.

aecom laura hanna

Lily Deng

Water / Wastewater Engineer-In-Training

Lily is a Water/Wastewater Engineer-In-Training in the Calgary office. She has experience performing energy analyses, and hydraulic optimization studies. Lily is also familiar with the design of pumping systems, and wastewater treatment plants. Lily acts as a liaison for the national water and wastewater benchmarking initiative for the Alberta and Saskatoon regions. Lily assists in data collection, analysis, and review of municipal water systems data.

aecom lily deng

Winnipeg Office

Leah Daniel

Water/Wastewater Engineer

Ms. Daniel is a wastewater treatment process engineer in the Winnipeg office. Her experience includes process design, project management, on-site construction supervision, commissioning, data collection and analysis, cost estimating, and project contract administration for wastewater treatment projects.

aecom leah daniel

Eastern Canada

Mississauga Office

Jeff Atherton

Lead Technical Specialist

Jeff is a senior project manager and lead technical specialist within AECOM’s Infrastructure and Asset Management Services Group. He specializes in the optimization and use of infrastructure data for planning, analysis, and design. He is a skilled project manager and has overseen many projects involving work across different regions and disciplines. Since joining AECOM in 2004, he has successfully directed large and multi-disciplinary asset management assignments for all levels of government and worked on a diverse range of asset management projects for clients in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

aecom jeff atherton

Donghui Lu

Asset Management Consultant

Donghui is an Asset Management Consultant with extensive experience analyzing climate change implications on pavement structures and road networks. She has developed an innovative risk assessment and management framework to incorporate climate change considerations into pavement design and asset management leading to several academic publications and industry presentations. Her research areas include climate change scenarios and pavements, impacts of climate change induced flooding on pavement design and asset management, pavement fragility and vulnerability assessment, risk quantification, spatial analysis of pavement network risk considering extreme events, technologies for building climate-resilient pavement infrastructure, She specialize in asset management, risk assessment, performance modeling, life cycle cost analysis, pavement design, pavement condition assessment, and climate change adaptation.

Aecom - Donghui Lu

Markham Office

Kate Pejman

Project Information Specialist

Kate Pejman joined the AECOM team in 2019 and is currently working with the Infrastructure and Asset Management Services Group, within AECOM’s Water Business Line. She is an Engineer in Training and has been recently awarded the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Certificate in Asset Management. She is involved with the Benchmarking team as a data collector and client liaison support for various Ontario municipalities. Kate’s role also extends into project controls where she acts as a liaison across internal and external project stakeholders comprising finance, design, field staff as well as subcontractors and subconsultants.

aecom kate pejman

Laura Alvarez

Process Designer, Water

Laura Alvarez joined AECOM after completing her M.A.Sc. degree with the Drinking Water Research Group at University of Toronto in 2019. Laura has provided project management and process support in the design, construction, and commissioning of various water projects across Ontario. She has also leveraged her research and data analysis experience from completing her Masters degree to support the National Water and Wastewater Benchmark Initiative and pilot study projects.

aecom laura alvarez

Ahmed M. Elhadidy

Process Engineer

Dr. Elhadidy has both extensive research and applied experience in the field of environmental engineering, especially for water and wastewater treatment, including a broad range of analytical techniques for chemical and biological water quality monitoring and the characterization of bacterial biofilm attached to artificial surfaces and biologically active filter media and assessing drinking water biological stability. He also has large experience in designing and conducting pilot and bench scale studies for different drinking water treatment technologies including biologically active filters, conventional media filters and low and high pressure membrane filtration along with monitoring the performance of full scale drinking water treatment processes.
Ahmed has an avid interest in designing and optimizing the performance of water supply systems to meet the needs of each project and the expectations of our clients. He has an excellent theoretical and practical knowledge obtained through his pervious academic and work experience that can allow him to come up with economic and innovative solutions to overcome our clients’ problems.

Aecom - Ahmed Elhadidy

London Office

Cristina Alfano

Water / Wastewater Engineer-In-Training

Cristina Alfano is an Engineer-in-Training with AECOM’s Water/Wastewater team based in the London, Ontario office. Cristina has worked on multiple municipal projects and has a diverse background in water and wastewater treatment and pumping design, feasibility analysis and contract administration. Cristina joined the benchmarking team in 2018 and currently acts as a data collector and liaison for the Windsor Utilities Commission and the cities of London, Brantford, and Hamilton.

aecom alfano cristina

Halifax Office

Jack Brand

Water Resources Engineer

Jack Brand is a Water Resources Engineer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jack has worked on a variety of projects ranging from land development, municipal road reconstruction, stormwater management facility design, low-impact development, culvert and bridge hydraulics, and environmental assessments. Jack joined the benchmarking team in the fall of 2019 and is currently responsible for managing the data collection and quality control from Halifax Regional Water Commission and the City of St. John’s.

aecom jack brand