How we benchmark

Our methodology has been refined for over twenty years and is applied across all of our benchmarking service areas.

Strategic goals

The CIBI runs on a yearly cycle and is built upon the concept of a common “Management Model”, where all participants achieve consensus on a similar set of overall strategic goals.  The goals represent the business outcomes that each participating organization strives to achieve.

Key performance indicators

With goal consensus, it is feasible, practical, and useful to benchmark all organizations over the common key performance indicators (KPI).  To ensure that data is collected on a like-for-like basis, we have developed standardized units and detailed definitions for each KPI that have been fine-tuned through years of consultation with participating organizations.

Process benchmarking

We know that metric benchmarking on its own will not result in improved practices, thus we also focus our efforts on process benchmarking.  Qualitative data is gathered through a series of workshops, surveys and group meetings and the outcomes are compared with the aim of establishing best practices.


Each year we conduct eight key activities to deliver the most value to you in today’s ever changing landscape.


Over the years, the CIBI has grown from coast-to-coast to include more than 50 of Canada’s most progressive utilities.


The CIBI has grown well beyond KPI graphs to include may other deliverables – all accessed through this secure website.

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